Pizza Delight is the largest pizza restaurant chain in Atlantic Canada. The contemporary style of the restaurants makes it a great place for friends and family to convene and enjoy a wide selection of craveable food. Our mission is to “Provide a Delightful Experience”.
Pizza Delight boasts 95 restaurants located in Ontario, Alberta, and Atlantic Canada. Our restaurants are located in areas where the brand is visible and easily accessible.

Hampton Renovation

Oven fresh concept - renovated December 11th,2012



St-Anthony - renovated November 1, 2013


Woodstock Relocation

Re-located - New concept, completed May 2013


Welcome New Franchisees

Welcome New Franchisees Ray and Rhonda Smith


Edmundston Renovation

Pizza Delight renovation completed in Edmundston NB with the addition of the Score’s cobrand.



Marystown - renovated March, 2013



Tracadie - renovated October, 2013. Includes the addition of Scores co-brand. 



Summerside - renovated July, 2013. Includes addition of Scores co-brand


Labrador City

Renovation Complete June 2014. Includes the addition of Scores Co-brand


Meet the team!

Successful restaurant management requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. Our team of experts will guide you through every step in the process.

Did you know?

#1 selling appetizer is the Garlic Cheese Fingers.

Pizza Delight  uses a secret pizza sauce made here in Atlantic Canada

Pizza Delight has Gluten Free dough available at our locations

The first Pizza Delight location was located in Shediac NB

Our dough is made fresh daily.

Pizza Delight has 95 locations located across Canada

Our secret pizza sauce, lasagna and donair sauce is made locally

Kids Eat Free on Tuesday.

Eat Free on your Birthday.

Pizza Delight is famous for their donairs.

Pizza Delight was founded in 1968.

We have 5 franchisees that have been in the system for 25+ years.

We have many second generation franchisees.

Octagon pizza boxes are unique to us.

Largest pizza chain in Atlantic Canada.

There are over 11,000 fans on Facebook.

You can purchase Garlic Cheese Fingers & dry cured pepperoni in grocery stores.

Our #1 pizza seller is the Works Pizza.

Pizza Delight boasts over 90 locations and has a presence in 6 provinces.

Pizza Delight’s newest location is in Halifax on Spring Garden Road.

The headquarters for Pizza Delight is in Moncton, NB.

All of our vegetables are purchased locally.

At Pizza Delight, you can grill your own bread.

At Pizza Delight, you can have free refills.

We are famous for our fresh daily lunch buffet.

At Pizza Delight, you can enter the win pizza for a year contest by visiting our website at and entering your information and you can also have a chance to win an Ipad by dining at a Pizza Delight and providing your feedback by visiting